The Interaction Design Lab is the research laboratory of the Interface Design Programme at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, Germany. The lab is a space for international interaction design experts from industry and academia. It provides an interface between education, research and development, transfer of technology, design and knowledge and creates a space for multidisciplinary projects.

Recent Publications

The Micro Smart Grid Tabletop — A real world case study for tangible multitouch technologies for communicating complex concepts

Published in the Workshop Proceedings of the workshop Tactile/Haptic User Interfaces for Tabletops and Tablets (TacTT) 2014 during the ITS conference 2014 in Dresden.

i.Ge: Exploring New Game Interaction Metaphors with Interactive Projection

TEI '15

POSTING BITS – Exploring new Interaction Paradigms using Sticky Notes, Paper Maps and Sketches

Master Thesis
More Publications