Paula L. Schuster

PhD Candidate

After completing her studies in communication in social and economic contexts at the University of Arts Berlin, Paula studied product and interface design at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam as well as Design Thinking at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute.

In her master’s thesis in design, she explored prototyping in the design process and developed theories and tools to clarify the different roles of prototypes.

Since 2018 Paula has been part of research projects at the Interaction Design Lab. In the PROTOTYP project she investigated prototypes as a communication medium of possible futures. In the DISA project she investigated digital inclusion in the context of social anxiety. Her focus is on participatory prototyping with affected people.

She also works as a freelance consultant for design processes and co-design.

Her research focuses on Research Through Design and design methodology with a particular interest in prototyping.


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Prototyping Inconvenience: A Pedagogical Experiment on Designing for Debate in Design Education

IxD&A Journal (51) p.81–110

Systemische und Innovative Ansätze für die Umweltberichterstattung

Herausgeber: Umweltbundesamt. TEXTE 00/2021. Abschlussbericht Forschungskennzahl 3717 12 103 0. Dessau.