Prof. Dr. Marian Dörk

Research professor for Information Visualization

Marian Dörk is a research professor for information visualization at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. Motivated by the design opportunities and research challenges arising from growing information spaces, Marian is particularly interested in the potential of visualization to support exploratory information practices. As a doctoral student at the University of Calgary (2008-2012) and a postdoc at Newcastle University (2012-2013), Marian designed and studied interactive visualizations to support exploratory forms of information seeking. During research internships, Marian worked on various visual interfaces with researchers and engineers at Google, Microsoft Research, IBM Research, and Universidad de Chile. Before doing his PhD, Marian studied Computational Visualistics at Universität Magdeburg (2003-2008).

Marian’s research interests:
– Interfaces for complex information spaces
– Exploratory information seeking
– Visual access to archives and collections
– Critical perspectives on visualization
– Web-based interaction design
– Urban mobility, participation, and activism